2016 PQRS Measures Relevant to Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease Physicians have 2 registry options for reporting PQRS:

  1. Measures groups - it is easier for a provider to report 2016 PQRS with measures groups because a provider only needs to report a minimum 20 eligible patient sample. The majority of the sample must be traditonal Medicare.
  2. 9 PQRS measures across 3 domains or if less than 9 measures, a provider will need to pass the MAV. To pass the MAV, the provider needs to make sure that if a measure belongs to a PQRS cluster, all other measures inside that cluster are also reported. In addition, at least one cross-cutting measure, if applicable, must be reported in order for a provider to pass the MAV.  Some examples of Infectious Disease measures (with domain names):

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