Top 10 PQRS Registry*

"Great news! We received payment for our PQRS for our submission with MDinteractive! We have never received a payment for PQRS in the past using paper claims." (Nancy Ogden, RN, OCN; Clinic Coordinator; Matthews Oncology Associates)

"Our physician's continually strive to provide the best ENT care and welcomed the opportunity to participate in the federal quality reporting initiative.  Helping to improve the quality of healthcare delivery is extremely important and our doctors just received $120,000 for submitting our PQRS data with MDinteractive. It was a fast and easy process. Outstanding customer service!" (Todd Blum, MHA, MBA, CMPE; Chief Executive Officer; Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of South Florida, PA)

It is very easy to avoid the 2% PQRS penalty using MDinteractive:

1- Register with MDinteractive for free. You only need to create one PQRS account per medical group. Submission deadline: February 28, 2015.

2- Choose one PQRS Measure Group to report 20 patients seen in 2014 (at least 11 patients must have Traditional Medicare Fee For Service) or choose 9 individual PQRS measures and report at least 50% of the patients to whom the individual measures apply.

3- Answer questions regarding the patients you are reporting (date of HgA1c for example). You can run anytime a report in our registry that validates your data. Our staff will also review your data before being submitted to Medicare.

4-  Each provider needs to sign a consent form. Sign consent to submit data to Medicare online or fax this PQRS Consent Form to MDinteractive at 866-251-4069

5- Pay submission fee to MDinteractive using your credit card. MDinteractive will then submit your data to Medicare ($199 per provider). If you decide not to submit your data to Medicare, MDinteractive will not charge you.

6- Receive PQRS bonus from Medicare during the Fall of 2015. The form of payment (electronic funds transfer or check) will be the same as your regular Medicare claims payments.

*MDinteractive is a Top Ten PQRS and eRx registry three years in a row per Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services based on the number of health providers submitting PQRS or eRx data (2010, 2011 and 2012).