2017 MIPS Pricing

For just $199, report one MIPS category with MDinteractive and avoid the CMS penalties!

Maximize the potential for a MIPS bonus by reporting multiple performance categories with MDinteractive: 

  • Quality (Replaces PQRS)
  • Advancing Care Information (Replaces Meaningful Use)
  • Improvement Activities (New Category)

Reporting 1 MIPS category:     $199 per clinician

Reporting 2 MIPS categories:  $299 per clinician

Reporting 3 MIPS categories:  $349 per clinician

Note: The 4th category of MIPS is Cost (Replaces the Value-based Modifier Program).  This performance category doesn't need to be reported and will be automatically calculated by CMS based on claims submitted.  For 2017 the weight of this category is 0%.

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