MIPS Feedback Reports

MIPS Feedback Reports Now Available

If you submitted data through the MIPS MDinteractive registry, you can review your performance feedback data at the Quality Payment Program website. Your final performance feedback, which includes your final MIPS score and payment adjustment information.

Your final MIPS score could have changed compared to your preliminary MIPS score based on the following:

  • Special Status Scoring Considerations (ex. Hospital-based Clinicians)
  • All-Cause Readmission Measure for the Quality Category
  • Claims Measures to include the 60-day run out period
  • CAHPS for MIPS Survey Results
  • Advancing Care Information Hardship Application status
  • Improvement Study Participation and Results
  • Creation of performance period benchmarks for Quality measures that didn’t have a historical benchmark 

You can also read the 2017 Performance Feedback User Guide and the Fact Sheet: 2019 MIPS Payment Adjustments based on 2017 MIPS Final Scores.

MIPS eligible clinicians or groups (along with their designated support staff) can also request a targeted review of their 2019 MIPS payment adjustment factor(s).

What is a Targeted Review?

A targeted review is a process where MIPS eligible clinicians or groups can request that CMS review the calculation of their 2019 MIPS payment adjustment factor and, as applicable, their additional MIPS payment adjustment factor for exceptional performance.

How to Request a Targeted Review?

Why Would a Clinician Request a Targeted Review?

The following are examples of circumstances under which a MIPS eligible clinician or group may wish to request a targeted review:

  • A MIPS eligible clinician or group has supporting documentation indicating that certain errors were made, such as eligibility being wrongly assigned to the MIPS eligible clinician or group (e.g. the MIPS eligible clinician or group fell below the low-volume threshold and should not have received a payment adjustment).
  • A MIPS eligible clinician has supporting documentation indicating that they should qualify for automatic reweighting of performance categories due to the 2017 policy for extreme and uncontrollable circumstances.
  • A MIPS eligible clinician has supporting documentation indicating that they were erroneously excluded from the APM participation list and should have been scored under the APM scoring standard.
  • Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of circumstances. CMS encourages all MIPS participants to submit a request if, after reviewing final performance feedback, they can provide supporting documentation that a targeted review of their MIPS payment adjustment factor (or additional MIPS payment adjustment factor) is warranted.

When Can I Request Targeted Review?

Requests for a targeted review can be submitted immediately following the release of the 2019 MIPS payment adjustment factor, and if applicable, the additional MIPS payment adjustment factor. CMS anticipates that final performance feedback, including these payment adjustment factors, will be available in July 2018.

Requests can be submitted until October 1, 2018 at 8:00pm (EDT) but CMS strongly encourages everyone to secure the necessary EIDM credentials no later than July 31, 2018 and submit a request as soon as possible. This will help to ensure payment adjustments are applied correctly from the start of the payment year.

You can also read the Targeted Review of the 2019 Merit-based Incentive Payment System Payment Adjustment User Guide

Don’t have an EIDM account to review the MIPS performance feedback? 

Start the process now! Refer to the Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) User Guide for instructions.

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