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What are your MIPS Reporting Goals?

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For a minimum of 1 day, report 6 measures, including one outcome (or high priority measure if outcome not available). To earn more than 3 points in a measure, a minimum of 20 unique patients AND at least 50 percent of possible data must be submitted. Maximum points = 60


Improvement Activities

For a minimum of 1 day, attest that you have completed 2 high weighted OR 4 medium weighted activities (For small and rural practices: 1 high weighted OR 2 medium weighted activities).
Maximum points = 15


Advancing Care Information

For a minimum of 90 days, report all required base measures for half credit (12.5 points) and additional performance and bonus measures to reach full earning potential for this category.
Maximum points = 25


How to Report MIPS

Follow these easy steps:

Step 1- Create Account 

There is no upfront fee associated with creating an account. Create one MIPS account per medical group.


Step 2 - Choose Measures

AVOID PENALTY - Choose 1 measure and report that measure on 1 eligible patient for each individual provider.
MAXIMIZE REVENUE - Report Quality, Advancing Care Information and Improvement Activities.


Step 2 - Choose your Quality Measures

Step 3 - Enter Data

Follow steps in the software to input data.


Step 3 - Enter Data

Step 4 - Sign Consent

Individual Reporting - Sign the consent form online or download and fax to MDinteractive at 866-251-4069.
Group Reporting - Sign the consent form online or download and fax to MDinteractive at 866-251-4069.


Step 5 - Sign Consent

Step 5 - Submit Payment

Once data is complete and consent is signed, pay the submission fee in your MDinteractive account.


Step 6 - Submit Payment

MDinteractive Deadline is March 16, 2018

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