Can I pick my pace for participation for the transition year (2017)?

MIPS reporting options for this transition year are:

Test the program - avoid an automatic -4% adjustment in 2019 by reporting 1 Quality Measure or 1 Improvement Activity or the ACI base measures. Earning a minimum of 3 points will allow a provider/group to avoid a penalty.  Submitting 1 Quality measure (for example) will earn 3 points.

90 Day Reporting Option - Earn an positive payment adjustment by reporting all 3 components of MIPS - Quality (6 measures including at least 1 Outcome or High-Priority measure), ACI (base measures plus performance) and CPIA for a 90 day period beginning sometime between January 1 and October 1, 2017.  

Full Year Reporting Option - Same as 90 days but for a full year.  This option is what will become the full program requirements beginning with the 2018 reporting period.

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