How is the Composite Performance Score (CPS) for MIPS calculated?

Quality - 30% of total score - 30 points max for most providers.

Each measure 1-10 points compared to historical benchmark (if available)

Performance plus bonus points are added and divided by 10x the number of scored measures (maximum = 60 points for most providers). 

Promoting Interoperability  - 25% of total score - 25 points maximum

Note:  Points max out at 100 (even though there is the potential to earn more).  100+ = 25 points max.

IA - 15% of total score or 15 points max.

Each activity worth 10 points (medium weight); double weight (20 points) for “high” value activities

Activities are worth double points for small practices and other designated groups

Provider reports 40 points worth of measures (i.e. 4 medium weighted activities or 2 high weighted) to earn 15 points for IA.

Cost - 30% of total score or 30 points maximum

Cost score is calculated from administrative claims. There is no action/reporting needed for this category

For more detailed information about how the CPS is calculated, please visit our FAQ Page:

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