How is the Composite Performance Score (CPS) for MIPS calculated?

Quality - 50% of total score - 50 points max for most providers.

Each measure 1-10 points compared to historical benchmark (if available)

Bonus for reporting additional Outcomes and High Priority measures

Performance plus bonus points are added and divided by 10x the number of scored measures (maximum = 60 points for most providers). 

Promoting Interoperability (formerly ACI) - 25% of total score - 25 points maximum

Base score of 50% - 12.5  points is achieved by reporting at least one use case for each available base measure. Base measures total either 4 or 5 depending on the edition of EHR (2014 or 2015).  Base score measures must be completed in order to earn performance or bonus points.

Up to 10 additional performance points available per performance measure (90%) or 22.5 points max

Up to 15% - 3.75 points for bonus measures

Note:  Points max out at 100 (even though there is the potential to earn more).  100+ = 25 points max.

IA - 15% of total score or 15 points max.

Each activity worth 10 points (medium weight); double weight (20 points) for “high” value activities

Activities are worth double points for small practices and other designated groups

Provider reportis 40 points worth of measures (i.e. 4 medium weighted activities or 2 high weighted) to earn 15 points for IA.

Cost - 10% of total score or 10 points maximum

Cost score is calculated from administrative claims. There is no action/reporting needed for this category

For more detailed information about how the CPS is calculated, please visit our Overview Page under the MIPS Reporting heading on our website.

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