What is the maximum amount of bonus points one can earn on quality measures?

An additional Outcome measure (beyond the one required) is worth 2 bonus points. Measure #321 (CAHPS for MIPS survey) as an additional measure is also worth 2 bonus points because it is a patient experience measure. Any additional high priority measure that doesn't also fall into one of those two categories mentioned would be worth 1 bonus point. Everything mentioned in this paragraph regarding "additional" measures is subject to the cap of 10% of the total possible points for the Quality performance category.

For the Quality category, to get bonus points for "additional" Outcome, patient experience (CAHPS for MIPS), or high priority measures, the measure does not have to fall into the top six/best six that are scored and used for the Quality performance category score, but to be eligible for "additional measure" bonus points, the measure must meet the 50% Data Completeness requirement (Reporting Rate), and meet the 20 case minimum volume threshold submitted, AND have a performance rate above 0 percent.

Also, a Quality measure collected via end-to-end certified EHR technology (CEHRT) would also yield 1 bonus point for the Quality category, subject to the cap of 10% of the total possible points for the category.

This means that overall, you can get up to 20% in bonus points in the Quality performance category from the two bonus categories above.

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