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2020 MIPS IA_BE_22: Improved practices that engage patients pre-visit

Activity ID


Activity Weighting


Subcategory Name

Beneficiary Engagement

Activity Description

Implementation of workflow changes that engage patients prior to the visit, such as a pre-visit development of a shared visit agenda with the patient, or targeted pre-visit laboratory testing that will be resulted and available to the MIPS eligible clinician to review and discuss during the patient's appointment.


Pre-visit agenda shared with patient

Suggested Documentation

1) Documentation of a letter, email, portal screenshot, etc. that shows a pre-visit agenda was shared with patient; and
2) Documentation of the practice's patient engagement workflow.

Examples of Additional Activities that Qualify for Attestation

Completing these alternate activities can fulfill the requirements of this Improvement Activity; and Notes

Sub-IA-1: Implement strategies to engage patients and their family members to co-create a visit agenda

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