2020 MIPS IA_PM_20: Glycemic Referring Services

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Population Management

Activity Description

For at-risk outpatient Medicare beneficiaries, individual MIPS eligible clinicians and groups must attest to implementation of systematic preventive approaches in clinical practice for at least 60 percent for the CY 2018 performance period and 75 percent in future years, of medical records with documentation of referring eligible patients with prediabetes to a CDC-recognized diabetes prevention program operating under the framework of the National Diabetes Prevention Program.


Evidence supporting implementation of systematic preventive approaches in clinical practice for prediabetes

Suggested Documentation

1) Total stratified number of Medicare patients at risk for abnormal blood glucose; and
2) Percentage of each demographic group and the total screened for abnormal blood glucose as outlined by the US Preventive Services Task Force USPSTF) and/or American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines.

Examples of Additional Activities that Qualify for Attestation

Completing these alternate activities can fulfill the requirements of this Improvement Activity; and Notes

Please note: CMS examples of stratification may include, patient demographics such as race/ethnicity, disability status (if available), sexual orientation (if available), sex, gender identity (if available), and geography

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