2020 MIPS IA_PM_6: Use of toolsets or other resources to close healthcare disparities across communities

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Population Management

Activity Description

Take steps to improve healthcare disparities, such as Population Health Toolkit or other resources identified by CMS, the Learning and Action Network, Quality Innovation Network, or National Coordinating Center. Refer to the local Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for additional steps to take for improving health status of communities as there are many steps to select from for satisfying this activity. QIOs work under the direction of CMS to assist eligible clinicians and groups with quality improvement, and review quality concerns for the protection of beneficiaries and the Medicare Trust Fund.


Activity to improve health disparities

Suggested Documentation

1) Resources Used to Improve Disparities - Resources used, e.g., Population Health Toolkit; and
2) Documentation of Steps - Report detailing activity as outlined by the local QIO with a statement outlining a plan of action to address specific identified disparities including evidence of disparity targeted and how this disparity is changing over time.

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