2021 MIPS IA_BE_1: Use of certified EHR to capture patient reported outcomes

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Beneficiary Engagement

Activity Description

In support of improving patient access, performing additional activities that enable capture of patient reported outcomes (e.g., home blood pressure, blood glucose logs, food diaries, at-risk health factors such as tobacco or alcohol use, etc.) or patient activation measures through use of certified EHR technology, containing this data in a separate queue for clinician recognition and review.


Improve patient engagement through patient/clinician review of patient collected information or through assessment of a patient’s understanding, confidence, and ability to perform self-care.

Suggested Documentation

Evidence of patient reported data and/or outcomes in the electronic health record (EHR). Include the following element:

1) Patient reported outcomes/self-management – Documentation demonstrating use of a tool that assesses a patient’s understanding, confidence, and ability to care for one’s self. Examples of a tool may include Patient Activation Measures, HowsYourHealth.org, HealthConfidence.org, and MedicareHealthAssess.org. The eligible clinician should incorporate the results of the assessment into the patient’s overall plan of care, as deemed most appropriate for their population. As necessary or helpful, also include patient’s data in the certified EHR.

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