2021 MIPS IA_BE_21: Improved Practices that Disseminate Appropriate Self-Management Materials

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Subcategory Name

Beneficiary Engagement

Activity Description

Provide self-management materials at an appropriate literacy level and in an appropriate language.


Ensure all patients can learn from the educational materials on self-management provided, and that some populations are not systematically excluded from learning opportunities.

Suggested Documentation

Evidence that self-management materials appropriate for literacy level and/or language preference are provided to patients. Include both of the following elements:

1) Patient literacy and language capture – Documentation of patient literacy level and/or language preference captured in the medical record (e.g., medical record, screenshot, electronic health record [EHR] report); AND
2) Provision of appropriate self-management materials – Documented provision in EHR or medical record of self-management materials (e.g., pamphlet, discharge summary, or other materials that include self-management information). Materials must be provided in a format appropriate for the patient's literacy and/or language preference.


• A primary care practice identifies cultural and educational variability, and associated variability in health literacy, in its patient population. To meet the needs of their patient population and this activity, the eligible practice clinicians reviewed all self-management materials used by the practice and made changes anywhere necessary that ensured all were written at the 6th-grade level or lower and were available in all languages needed for the patient population. Materials provided to the patient were referenced specifically in the EHR.

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