2021 MIPS IA_EPA_2: Use of telehealth services that expand practice access

Activity ID


Activity Weighting


Subcategory Name

Expanded Practice Access

Activity Description

Use of telehealth services and analysis of data for quality improvement, such as participation in remote specialty care consults or teleaudiology pilots that assess ability to still deliver quality care to patients.


Increase use of telehealth services, thus removing geographic and time barriers to access, and use data from these services to implement quality improvement initiatives.

Suggested Documentation

Evidence of documented use of telehealth services. For purposes of this activity, telehealth services are defined as "real-time" interaction between eligible clinician and patient. Include the following element:

1) Use of telehealth services – Demonstration of a standardized and routine approach to the use of telehealth. Telehealth services may include care provided over the phone, online, etc., and are not limited to the Medicare reimbursed telehealth service criteria. Examples of documentation include a) claims adjudication (may use G codes to validate); b) electronic health record (EHR); or c) other medical record document showing specific telehealth services, consults, or referrals performed for a patient.

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