2021 MIPS IA_PCMH: Electronic submission of Patient Centered Medical Home accreditation

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Obtaining Patient-Centered Medical Home™ certification drives significant and sustainable practice improvements including population care quality, efficiency, and improved patient satisfaction all directly linked to better health outcomes.

Suggested Documentation

Evidence of meeting performance standards and expectations pertaining to the Patient-Centered Medical Home™ model. Include the following element: 1) Recognition certificate – Documented recognition as a Patient-Centered Medical Home™ from a regional or state program, private payer, or other body that certifies at least 500 or more practices for Patient-Centered Medical Home™ accreditation or comparable specialty practice certification.


Any clinician or group interested in attesting to IA_PCMH as their improvement activity must meet the criteria for recognition as a Patient-Centered Medical Home™ or comparable specialty practice participant. Information about criteria for a practice to be certified or recognized as a patient-centered medical home or comparable specialty practice can be found at the following in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR [§ 414.1380(b)(3)(ii)]).

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