2021 MIPS IA_PSPA_6: Consultation of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

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Patient Safety and Practice Assessment

Activity Description

Clinicians would attest to reviewing the patients’ history of controlled substance prescription using state prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) data prior to the issuance of a Controlled Substance Schedule II (CSII) opioid prescription lasting longer than 3 days. For the transition year, clinicians would attest to 60 percent review of applicable patient’s history. For the Quality Payment Program Year 2 and future years, clinicians would attest to 75 percent review of applicable patient’s history performance.


Use patients' past prescription history to inform decisions about issuing new controlled substance schedule II opioid prescriptions, thus identifying and protecting patients who are at risk of opioid addition and/or overdose.

Suggested Documentation

Evidence of prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) consultation before issuance of a controlled substance schedule II (CSII) opioid prescription that lasts longer than 3 days. Include both of the following elements, for the same time period:

1) Number of issuances of CSII Prescription – Total number of issuances of a CSII prescription that lasts longer than 3 days (e.g., screenshot or report from PDMP web portal displaying data); AND
2) Documentation of consulting the PDMP – Total number of patients for which there is evidence of consulting the PDMP prior to issuing an CSII prescription (e.g., copies of patient reports created with the Protected Health Information masked, PDMP website screenshot).

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