2023 MIPS IA_AHE_3: Promote Use of Patient-Reported Outcome Tools

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Achieving Health Equity

Activity Description

Demonstrate performance of activities for employing patient-reported outcome (PRO) tools and corresponding collection of PRO data such as the use of PHQ-2 or PHQ-9, PROMIS instruments, patient reported Wound-Quality of Life (QoL), patient reported Wound Outcome, and patient reported Nutritional Screening.


Make it possible to use Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) data as part of routine care, thus increasing patient engagement and health outcomes for all populations.

Suggested Documentation

Demonstrated performance of activities to promote use of PRO tools and corresponding collection of PRO data. Include both of the following elements:

1) Promotion of PRO tools – Evidence that eligible clinicians are promoting use of PRO tools with their patients (e.g., documented notes in electronic health record, PRO materials); AND
2) PRO data collection – Feedback reports demonstrating use of PRO tools and corresponding collection of PRO data



• PRO Measurement Information System (PROMIS): https://www.healthmeasures.net/explore-measurement-systems/promis
• Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ): https://www.phqscreeners.com

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