2023 MIPS IA_PM_6: Use of toolsets or other resources to close healthcare disparities across communities

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Population Management

Activity Description

Address inequities in health outcomes by using population health data analysis tools to identify health inequities in the community and practice and assess options for effective and relevant interventions such as Population Health Toolkit or other resources identified by the clinician, practice, or by CMS. Based on this information, create, refine, and implement an action plan to address and close inequities in health outcomes and/or health care access, quality, and safety.


Decrease healthcare inequities and improve health status in underserved communities.

Suggested Documentation

Evidence of activity to decrease healthcare inequities. Include both of the following elements:

1) Population health data analysis resources used – Documentation of resources used to identify health inequities in the practice’s population and to assess options for intervention; AND
2) Implementation report – Report with action plan for implementing the selected intervention (including the health inequity targeted, detailed plan for improvement, and the specific outcomes targeted for improvement), and results from its implementation.


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