2023 MIPS IA_PSPA_1: Participation in an AHRQ-listed patient safety organization.

Activity ID


Activity Weighting


Subcategory Name

Patient Safety and Practice Assessment

Activity Description

Participation in an AHRQ-listed patient safety organization.


Adopt and implement Patient Safety Organization (PSO) methodologies through data collection, analysis, reporting, and education to promote the quantifiable reduction of avoidable medical errors and deficiencies identified in the quality of care provided.

Suggested Documentation

Evidence of participation in an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)-listed PSO. Include the following element:

1) Confirmation of participation – Documentation from an AHRQ-listed PSO confirming the eligible clinician or group's participation with the PSO (e.g., welcome email or other communication).


PSOs listed by AHRQ are located at http://www.pso.ahrq.gov/listed, and information regarding how to choose a PSO can be found at https://pso.ahrq.gov/work-with/choose.

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