2024 MIPS IA_CC_1: Implementation of Use of Specialist Reports Back to Referring Clinician or Group to Close Referral Loop

Activity ID


Activity Weighting


Subcategory Name

Care Coordination

Activity Description

Performance of regular practices that include providing specialist reports back to the referring individual MIPS eligible clinician or group to close the referral loop or where the referring individual MIPS eligible clinician or group initiates regular inquiries to specialist for specialist reports which could be documented or noted in the EHR technology.


Improve clinician-to-clinician communication to prevent delayed and/or inappropriate treatment while increasing patient satisfaction and adherence to treatment.

Suggested Documentation

Evidence that relevant records from patient/consultant (internal or external specialist) interactions are sent to the referring eligible clinician. Include one of the following elements:

1) Report – Evidence that the consultant always sends a report to the referring eligible clinician; OR

2) Process for capturing referral information – Evidence that the referring eligible clinician has a defined method for capturing reports in the medical record (e.g., a) reports transmitted between electronic health records [EHRs]; b) documents that are electronically scanned and linked to the patient’s EHR; or c) chart documentation of the relevant details of the consultant patient interaction such as notes written into a progress note).

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