What are benchmarks and how do they apply to Quality scoring?

For quality measures, CMS used data that was reported via PQRS 2015 to create performance benchmarks.

Each quality measure is converted into a 10 point scoring system.  Performance on quality measures is broken down into 10 "deciles", with each decile havinga value of between 1 and 10 points. A clinician or group's performance on a quality measure will be compared to the performance levels in the national deciles.  Registry measures are compared to registry benchmarks.

A measure can be reliably scored against a benchmark if...

A national benchmark exists (i.e. for some measures there is no data from the 2015 PQRS period)

The sufficient case volume has been met (more than 20 cases)

At least 50% of possible data for a measure is submitted (data completeness)

Note: If a measure cannot be scored against a benchmark or no benchmark exists, it will automatically receive 3 points as long as it is complete.

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