What is a cross-cutting measure?

Providers must report one cross-cutting measure if they have at least one face-to-face encounter (based on patient encounter codes) with a Medicare patient.  A cross-cutting measure would be in addition to a cluster of clinically related measures or as part of 9 Individual Measures across three NQS domains.  Providers reporting using Measures Groups do not have to include a cross cutting measure in addition. A list of the broadly applicable cross cutting measures can be found here: cross-cutting measure.

Please reference the 2016 PQRS List of Face-To-Face Encounter Codes for the billable codes that identify face-to-face encounters for the purposes of 2015 PQRS reporting. This list includes general office visits, outpatient visits, and surgical procedure codes.

Please note that cross-cutting measures apply in general to many Medicare patients. For example if you have 100 Medicare patients, you would expect to report cross-cutting measure #226 Tobacco Use: Screening and Cessation Intervention on at least 50 Medicare patients (50% reporting rate).

There are however some cross-cutting measures that apply to smaller patient populations:

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