MDinteractive is an approved CMS Qualified Registry for 2021.

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Step 1 - Create FREE Account (or log in to existing MDinteractive account)


Step 2 - Choose the MIPS Categories (1 or more) you will be reporting 

Quality:  Maximum number of points = 40 points

For the entire year, report 6 measures, including one Outcome measure (or another high priority measure if an Outcome measure is not applicable), for 70% of eligible Medicare and non-Medicare patient visits. Please note that in order for a measure to be scored above 3 points,  the report must contain at least of 20 eligible cases AND meet the data completeness criteria (at least 70 percent of eligible data is submitted).

Promoting Interoperability: Maximum number of points = 25

For a minimum of 90 days, report measures to reach full earning potential for this category.  Use of a 2015 certified EHR is required to attest to this category.

Improvement Activities:  Maximum number of points = 15 

For a minimum of 90 days, attest that you completed 2 high weighted or 4 medium weighted activities (or 1 high weighted and 2 medium weighted for small and rural practices).

Cost:  Maximum number of points = 20

No action required.  Data is taken from administrative claims.

Step 3 - Enter Data

Log-in to your MDinteractive account and follow steps in the software to report/attest to your data within your chosen categories.

Step 4 - Sign Consent

Individual Reporting - Sign the consent form online or download and fax to MDinteractive at 866-251-4069.

Group Reporting - Sign the consent form online or download and fax to MDinteractive at 866-251-4069.

Step 5 - Submit Payment

Once data is complete and consent is signed, pay the submission fee in your MDinteractive account.

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