2024 MIPS IA_BE_22: Improved Practices that Engage Patients Pre-Visit

Activity ID


Activity Weighting


Subcategory Name

Beneficiary Engagement

Activity Description

Implementation of workflow changes that engage patients prior to the visit, such as a pre-visit development of a shared visit agenda with the patient, or targeted pre-visit laboratory testing that will be resulted and available to the MIPS eligible clinician to review and discuss during the patient’s appointment.


Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of visit time with patients, and promote patient engagement and satisfaction with care.

Suggested Documentation

Evidence that a pre-visit agenda was shared and/or developed with patients prior to visit. Include at least one of the following elements:

1) Pre-visit communication with patient – Documentation of communication with patient (letter, email, discussion, portal screenshot, etc.) that shows a pre-visit agenda was shared with and/or developed with the patient; OR

2) Patient engagement workflow – Documentation of the practice's patient engagement workflow clearly showing pre-visit agenda sharing process (e.g., staff responsible, timing, method of sharing); OR

3) Co-creation of visit agenda – Documented strategies to engage patients and their family members to co-create a visit agenda (e.g., workflow diagram, policy or process document).

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