2024 MIPS IA_BMH_8: Electronic Health Record Enhancements for BH data capture

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Behavioral and Mental Health

Activity Description

Enhancements to an electronic health record to capture additional data on behavioral health (BH) populations and use that data for additional decision-making purposes (e.g., capture of additional BH data results in additional depression screening for at-risk patient not previously identified).


Continually improve the care provided to behavioral health populations through evidence-based interventions and the use of electronic health record technology (EHR).

Suggested Documentation

Documented use of EHR to capture data on behavioral health populations and use data to inform clinical decision-making. Include both of the following elements:

1) Screenshots of data capture – Screenshots from EHR or from other software/tools integrated with the EHR displaying behavioral health data capture (e.g., capture of additional behavioral health data results in additional depression screening for at risk patient not previously identified); AND

2) Data reports – Reports showing how additional behavioral health data are captured and used for decision-making (e.g., dashboards, improvement plans).


An eligible clinician or practice expands data capture for behavioral health populations to include information on substance use, potential eating disorders, and social determinants of health. This eligible clinician or practice also ensures that all data on chronic medical conditions is being captured for these individuals. Through this improved data capture, the eligible clinician or practice identifies a subgroup of patients misusing substances and works to engage these patients in cognitive behavioral therapy.

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