MIPS Excel Templates

You can find our 2017 MIPS Excel templates following these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on Excel Templates on the drop drown menu under Home
  3. Find measure template format on Choose layout
  4. Click on Export Template - Export Template icon on left side of your screen.
    You do not have to fill in "Choose File" or fill in the fields for "Access Config" or "Import Rules".

Important details:

  • Please use only the exact options shown on the Excel template or we will not be able to process your data. If one of the options is "Not Done - Medical Reason", please do not enter "Not done - medical reason".
  • If you are reporting the same individual measure for multiple providers, please only use one single sheet on a single Excel file. It takes our staff extra time to merge and process multiple sheets or multiple Excel files.
  • Different measures should be reported on different Excel files.

Please upload your excel file(s) with the 2017 MIPS data to the File Storage module:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on File Storage on the drop drown menu under Home:
  3. Click on Browse to choose file and then click on Upload File: 
  4. Please email us after uploading the data and we will review and process it.
  5. After data is imported into your account, please log in and visit your Homepage to review Reports and make sure that all of the data you expect to see is listed. Please review:
    • NPI: Are all of the providers for which you plan to submit data listed? Do the correct individual NPI numbers appear next to each provider’s name?
    • TIN: Is the correct Tax ID Number (used to bill Medicare Part B) listed?
    • Consent: Have consent forms been signed by each provider so data may be submitted to CMS?
    • Reports section: Are all of your Measures listed here? Clicking to open each Report, is the Status column free of error messages? Are the performance rates and reporting rates for each measure correctly calculated? Please confirm that all data you want to submit to CMS has been imported.
  6. After completing your review, please alert us that you’ve finished by clicking the orange X for each provider on your Homepage. (In doing so, the “Data Entry” field within MIPS reports will be changed from “On-going” to “Finished” for each provider.)
  7. Please “Add to Cart” and pay online for providers whose data is complete and ready to submit to CMS.
  8. After data is submitted to CMS, please log in and visit your Homepage to review Submission Reports and make sure all of the data you expected to be submitted is listed.

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