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How does being part of an APM impact the Promoting Interoperability (formerly ACI) category of MIPS?

All MIPS clinicians will report data for the Promoting Interoperability performance category as usual according to the general MIPS requirements. MIPS clinicians can report their Promoting Interoperability data via attestation and the CMS Web Interface (only available for groups of 25 or more), which you can access via qpp.cms.gov, as well as through a QCDR, Qualified Registry like MDinteractive, or Certified EHR technology (CEHRT).

All Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO participant Tax Identification Number’s (TINs) must report the MIPS Promoting Interoperabiliyy performance category regardless of whether they meet the QP thresholds or not. The Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO participant TIN scores for this performance category will becombined as a weighted average based on how many MIPS clinicians are in each TIN. This will result in one ACO group score for the Advancing Care Information performance category that applies to all MIPS clinicians in the ACO.

For the Next Generation ACO model and all other MIPS APMs under the APM scoring standard, MIPS clinicians in the APM report on the Promoting Interoperability performance category through either a group TIN or individual reporting. We’ll score each MIPS clinician in the APM using the highest score for the TIN/NPI combination for each MIPS clinician, which may be from individual or group reporting. The score given to each MIPS clinician will be averaged with the scores of the other clinicians in the APM Entity group to produce one APM entity score for the Promoting Interoperability performance category.

The Promoting Interoperability performance category for the 2018 performance period is weighted at 30 percent for the Medicare Shared Savings Program and the Next Generation ACO model MIPS APMs. For all other MIPS APMs this performance category is weighted at 75 percent for the 2018 performance period.

For further info please see:

MIPS APM Fact Sheet: Provides an overview of a specific type of APM, called a "MIPS APM," and the special APM scoring standard used for those in MIPS APMs.

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