Consultation of the Prescription Drug Monitoring program

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Patient Safety & Practice Assessment

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Clinicians would attest that, 60 percent for the transition year, or 75 percent for the second year, of consultation of prescription drug monitoring program prior to the issuance of a Controlled Substance Schedule II (CSII) opioid prescription that lasts for longer than 3 days.


Provision of consulting with PDMP before issuance of a controlled substance schedule II opioid prescription that lasts longer than 3 days

Suggested Documentation

1) Number of Issuances of CSII Prescription - Total number of issuances of a CSII prescription that lasts longer than 3 days over the same time period as those consulted; and
2) Documentation of Consulting the PDMP - Total number of patients for which there is evidence of consulting the PDMP prior to issuing an CSII prescription (e.g. copies of patient reports created, with the PHI masked)

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