Case Study: MIPS with drchrono EHR and MDinteractive



  • Physician provided guest access to his EHR account. MDinteractive staff ran all available quality reports and quality data was exported to MDinteractive. 


  • Clinician had a 0% Performance Rate for the 98 patients who received tobacco cessation intervention. The 0% performance rate was appearing because the provider was documenting smoking cessation education using numerator code 4004F: Patient screened for tobacco use AND received tobacco cessation intervention (counseling, pharmacotherapy, or both), if identified as a tobacco user. This is a valid code when reporting measure #226 with claims but it is not a code used by the EHR eCQM as a valid numerator
  • MDinteractive staff educated customer to use valid numerator code (SNOMED 225323000 - Smoking cessation advice (procedure))
  • Performance Rate for smoking measure #226 improved


  • It is frequent for a clinician to document a quality procedure on the EHR but because a valid field was not used, the provider will not get the appropriate credit.
  • This is a source of frustration when reporting quality because providers are spending time and effort improving the quality of care for their patients but the MIPS scores may not reflect all that work.
  • MDinteractive support staff has deep knowledge of all the MIPS quality measures' logic. With this expertise, they are able to review the EHR data and provide customized advice.



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