How will CMS determine if I could have reported more measures (i.e. EMA)?

Eligibile clinicians submitting via claims or a qualified registry who submit less than 6 measures or no outcome or high priority measure will be subject to EMA (Eligibility Measure Applicability) process to determine if additional clinically related measures could have been submitted. If CMS determines that there are no applicable measures for the clinician, they won't be held accountable for not submitting those measures.  If CMS discovers that additional clinically related measures could have been submitted and were not, it will impact the Quality performance category final score.  

EMA is...

An enhanced version of MAV (Measure Applicability Validation)

Adjusts performance in the quality performance category when appropriate

Based on evaluation of submitted measures and determination of clinically related measures aligned with specialty measures sets

Specific to the submission mechanism. For example, EMA will not determine that a registry submitter had a claims measure available.

Not applicable to EHR, QCDR and Web interface data submission mechanisms

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