2020 MIPS IA_BE_7: Participation in a QCDR, that promotes use of patient engagement tools

Activity ID


Activity Weighting


Subcategory Name

Beneficiary Engagement

Activity Description

Participation in a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR), that promotes patient engagement, including:

  • Use of processes and tools that engage patients for adherence to treatment plans;
  • Implementation of patient self-action plans;
  • Implementation of shared clinical decision making capabilities; or
  • Use of QCDR patient experience data to inform and advance improvements in beneficiary engagement.


Participation in a QCDR that promotes patient engagement tools (e.g., patient portal, secure email, and online mobile scheduling)

Suggested Documentation

Participation in QCDR that promotes use of patient engagement tools (e.g., regular feedback reports provided by the QCDR detailing activities promoting the use of patient engagement tools). These feedback reports provide evidence that the MIPS eligible clinician or group has met the intent of the IA by providing evidence that a QCDR was utilized to engage providers in the use of patient engagement tools to improve processes of care.

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