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2020 MIPS IA_EPA_3: Collection and use of patient experience and satisfaction data on access

Activity ID


Activity Weighting


Subcategory Name

Expanded Practice Access

Activity Description

Collection of patient experience and satisfaction data on access to care and development of an improvement plan, such as outlining steps for improving communications with patients to help understanding of urgent access needs.


Development and use of access to care improvement plan based on collected and stratified patient experience and satisfaction data

Suggested Documentation

1) Access to Care Patient Experience and Satisfaction Data - Patient experience and satisfaction data on access to care; and
2) Improvement plan - Access to care improvement plan.     

Examples of Additional Activities that Qualify for Attestation

Please note: CMS examples of stratification may include, patient demographics such as race/ethnicity, disability status (if available), sexual orientation (if available), sex, gender identity (if available), and geography

Completing these alternate activities can fulfill the requirements of this Improvement Activity; and Notes


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