2020 MIPS IA_PM_11: Regular review practices in place on targeted patient population needs

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Subcategory Name

Population Management

Activity Description

Implementation of regular reviews of targeted patient population needs, such as structured clinical case reviews, which includes access to reports that show unique characteristics of eligible clinician's patient population, identification of vulnerable patients, and how clinical treatment needs are being tailored, if necessary, to address unique needs and what resources in the community have been identified as additional resources.


Participation in reviews of targeted patient population needs including access to reports and community resources

Suggested Documentation

1) Targeted Patient Population Identification - Documentation of method for identification and ongoing monitoring/review for a targeted patient population; or
2) Report with Unique Characteristics - Reports that show unique characteristics of patient population and identification of vulnerable patients including tailored clinical treatments/medical records demonstrating how clinical treatment is meeting unique needs, and community resources where applicable.  This documentation of improvements (intended or realized) should provide evidence of tailored clinical treatments that meet the patient's unique needs.

Examples of Additional Activities that Qualify for Attestation

Completing these alternate activities can fulfill the requirements of this Improvement Activity; and Notes

Sub-IA-1: Participate in prospective peer review of clinical cases

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