2021 MIPS IA_PM_11: Regular Review Practices in Place on Targeted Patient Population Needs

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Population Management

Activity Description

Implementation of regular reviews of targeted patient population needs, such as structured clinical case reviews, which includes access to reports that show unique characteristics of eligible clinician's patient population, identification of vulnerable patients, and how clinical treatment needs are being tailored, if necessary, to address unique needs and what resources in the community have been identified as additional resources.


Improve understanding of targeted populations’ unique needs in order to create tailored clinical treatments and better utilize community resources.

Suggested Documentation

Evidence of participation in reviews of targeted patient population needs. Include the first element and at least one of the subsequent elements:

1) Targeted patient population identification – Documentation of method for identification and ongoing monitoring of a targeted patient population (e.g., policy or protocol); AND
2) Report on population’s unique characteristics and needs – Report that compiles information on the unique characteristics of the targeted patient population, including disparities in relevant outcomes; ways to tailor clinical treatments/medical records to meet needs and reduce disparities (e.g., clinicians treating African American men, who have a higher incidence of prostate cancer, may choose to evaluate that population for consistency of screening); and lists of community resources that can further support patients with these needs outside of the clinical setting; OR
3) Peer review – Evidence of participation in peer review of clinical cases for patients in targeted population (e.g., results from peer review, meeting minutes).

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