2024 MIPS Measure #254: Ultrasound Determination of Pregnancy Location for Pregnant Patients with Abdominal Pain

Quality ID 254
High Priority Measure No
Specifications Registry
Measure Type Process
Specialty Emergency Medicine

Measure Description

Percentage of pregnant female patients aged 14 to 50 who present to the emergency department (ED) with a chief complaint of abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding who receive a trans-abdominal or trans-vaginal ultrasound to determine pregnancy location.



This measure is to be submitted each denominator eligible visit a pregnant patient presents to the ED with a chief complaint of abdominal pain and/or vaginal bleeding during the performance period. It is anticipated that Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) eligible clinicians who provide care in the ED will submit this measure. The claim form place of service field must indicate that the encounter has taken place in the ED.

Measure Submission Type:

Measure data may be submitted by individual MIPS eligible clinicians, groups, or third-party intermediaries. The listed denominator criteria are used to identify the intended patient population. The numerator options included in this specification are used to submit the quality actions as allowed by the measure. The quality data codes listed do not need to be submitted by MIPS eligible clinicians, groups, or third-party intermediaries that utilize this modality for submissions; however, these codes may be submitted for those third-party intermediaries that utilize Medicare Part B claims data. For more information regarding Application Programming Interface (API), please refer to the Quality Payment Program (QPP) website.



All pregnant female patients aged 14 to 50 who present to the ED with a chief complaint of abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding

Denominator Criteria (Eligible Cases):

Females aged 14 to 50 on date of encounter


Current Diagnosis of Pregnancy (ICD-10-CM): O00.00, O00.01, O00.101, O00.102, O00.109, O00.111, O00.112, O00.119, O00.201, O00.202, O00.209, O00.211, O00.212, O00.219, O00.80, O00.81, O00.90, O00.91, O09.00, O09.01, O09.02, O09.03, O09.10, O09.11, O09.12, O09.13, O09.211, O09.212, O09.213, O09.219, O09.291, O09.292, O09.293, O09.299, O09.30, O09.31, O09.32, O09.33, O09.40, O09.41, O09.42, O09.43, O09.511, O09.512, O09.513, O09.519, O09.521, O09.522, O09.523, O09.529, O09.611, O09.612, O09.613, O09.619, O09.621, O09.622, O09.623, O09.629, O09.70, O09.71, O09.72, O09.73, O09.811, O09.812, O09.813, O09.819, O09.821, O09.822, O09.823, O09.829, O09.891, O09.892, O09.893, O09.899, O09.90, O09.91, O09.92, O09.93, O09.A0, O09.A1, O09.A2, O09.A3, O10.011, O10.012, O10.013, O10.019, O10.111, O10.112, O10.113, O10.119, O10.211, O10.212, O10.213, O10.219, O10.311, O10.312, O10.313, O10.319, O10.411, O10.412, O10.413, O10.419, O10.911, O10.912, O10.913, O10.919, O11.1, O11.2, O11.3, O11.9, O12.00, O12.01, O12.02, O12.03, O12.10, O12.11, O12.12, O12.13, O12.20, O12.21, O12.22, O12.23, O13.1, O13.2, O13.3, O13.9, O14.00, O14.02, O14.03, O14.10, O14.12, O14.13, O14.20, O14.22, O14.23, O14.90, O14.92, O14.93, O15.00, O15.02, O15.03, O16.1, O16.2, O16.3, O16.9, O20.0, O20.8, O20.9, O21.0, O21.1, O21.2, O21.8, O21.9, O22.00, O22.01, O22.02, O22.03, O22.10, O22.11, O22.12, O22.13, O22.20, O22.21, O22.22, O22.23, O22.30, O22.31, O22.32, O22.33, O22.40, O22.41, O22.42, O22.43, O22.50, O22.51, O22.52, O22.53, O22.8X1, O22.8X2, O22.8X3, O22.8X9, O22.90, O22.91, O22.92, O22.93, O23.00, O23.01, O23.02, O23.03, O23.10, O23.11, O23.12, O23.13, O23.20, O23.21, O23.22, O23.23, O23.30, O23.31, O23.32, O23.33, O23.40, O23.41, O23.42, O23.43, O23.511, O23.512, O23.513, O23.519, O23.521, O23.522, O23.523, O23.529, O23.591, O23.592, O23.593, O23.599, O23.90, O23.91, O23.92, O23.93, O24.011, O24.012, O24.013, O24.019, O24.111, O24.112, O24.113, O24.119, O24.311, O24.312, O24.313, O24.319, O24.410, O24.414, O24.415, O24.419, O24.811, O24.812, O24.813, O24.819, O24.911, O24.912, O24.913, O24.919, O25.10, O25.11, O25.12, O25.13, O26.00, O26.01, O26.02, O26.03, O26.10, O26.11, O26.12, O26.13, O26.20, O26.21, O26.22, O26.23, O26.30, O26.31, O26.32, O26.33, O26.40, O26.41, O26.42, O26.43, O26.50, O26.51, O26.52, O26.53, O26.611, O26.612, O26.613, O26.619, O26.641, O26.642, O26.643, O26.649, O26.711, O26.712, O26.713, O26.719, O26.811, O26.812, O26.813, O26.819, O26.821, O26.822, O26.823, O26.829, O26.831, O26.832, O26.833, O26.839, O26.841, O26.842, O26.843, O26.849, O26.851, O26.852, O26.853, O26.859, O26.86, O26.872, O26.873, O26.879, O26.891, O26.892, O26.893, O26.899, O26.90, O26.91, O26.92, O26.93, O28.0, O28.1, O28.2, O28.3, O28.4, O28.5, O28.8, O28.9, O29.011, O29.012, O29.013, O29.019, O29.021, O29.022, O29.023, O29.029, O29.091, O29.092, O29.093, O29.099, O29.111, O29.112, O29.113, O29.119, O29.121, O29.122, O29.123, O29.129, O29.191, O29.192, O29.193, O29.199, O29.211, O29.212, O29.213, O29.219, O29.291, O29.292, O29.293, O29.299, O29.3X1, O29.3X2, O29.3X3, O29.3X9, O29.40, O29.41, O29.42, O29.43, O29.5X1, O29.5X2, O29.5X3, O29.5X9, O29.60, O29.61, O29.62, O29.63, O29.8X1, O29.8X2, O29.8X3, O29.8X9, O29.90, O29.91, O29.92, O29.93, O30.001, O30.002, O30.003, O30.009, O30.011, O30.012, O30.013, O30.019, O30.021, O30.022, O30.023, O30.029, O30.031, O30.032, O30.033, O30.039, O30.041, O30.042, O30.043, O30.049, O30.091, O30.092, O30.093, O30.099, O30.101, O30.102, O30.103, O30.109, O30.111, O30.112, O30.113, O30.119, O30.121, O30.122, O30.123, O30.129, O30.131, O30.132, O30.133, O30.139, O30.191, O30.192, O30.193, O30.199, O30.201, O30.202, O30.203, O30.209, O30.211, O30.212, O30.213, O30.219, O30.221, O30.222, O30.223, O30.229, O30.231, O30.232, O30.233, O30.239, O30.291, O30.292, O30.293, O30.299, O30.801, O30.802, O30.803, O30.809, O30.811, O30.812, O30.813, O30.819, O30.821, O30.822, O30.823, O30.829, O30.831, O30.832, O30.833, O30.839, O30.891, O30.892, O30.893, O30.899, O30.90, O30.91, O30.92, O30.93, O31.00X0, O31.00X1, O31.00X2, O31.00X3, O31.00X4, O31.00X5, O31.00X9, O31.01X0, O31.01X1, O31.01X2, O31.01X3, O31.01X4, O31.01X5, O31.01X9, O31.02X0, O31.02X1, O31.02X2, O31.02X3, O31.02X4, O31.02X5, O31.02X9, O31.03X0, O31.03X1, O31.03X2, O31.03X3, O31.03X4, O31.03X5, O31.03X9, O31.10X0, O31.10X1, O31.10X2, O31.10X3, O31.10X4, O31.10X5, O31.10X9, O31.11X0, O31.11X1, O31.11X2, O31.11X3, O31.11X4, O31.11X5, O31.11X9, O31.12X0, O31.12X1, O31.12X2, O31.12X3, O31.12X4, O31.12X5, O31.12X9, O31.13X0, O31.13X1, O31.13X2, O31.13X3, O31.13X4, O31.13X5, O31.13X9, O31.20X0, O31.20X1, O31.20X2, O31.20X3, O31.20X4, O31.20X5, O31.20X9, O31.21X0, O31.21X1, O31.21X2, O31.21X3, O31.21X4, O31.21X5, O31.21X9, O31.22X0, O31.22X1, O31.22X2, O31.22X3, O31.22X4, O31.22X5, O31.22X9, O31.23X0, O31.23X1, O31.23X2, O31.23X3, O31.23X4, O31.23X5, O31.23X9, O31.30X0, O31.30X1, O31.30X2, O31.30X3, O31.30X4, O31.30X5, O31.30X9, O31.31X0, O31.31X1, O31.31X2, O31.31X3, O31.31X4, O31.31X5, O31.31X9, O31.32X0, O31.32X1, O31.32X2, O31.32X3, O31.32X4, O31.32X5, O31.32X9, O31.33X0, O31.33X1, O31.33X2, O31.33X3, O31.33X4, O31.33X5, O31.33X9, O31.8X10, O31.8X11, O31.8X12, O31.8X13, O31.8X14, O31.8X15, O31.8X19, O31.8X20, O31.8X21, O31.8X22, O31.8X23, O31.8X24, O31.8X25, O31.8X29, O31.8X30, O31.8X31, O31.8X32, O31.8X33, O31.8X34, O31.8X35, O31.8X39, O31.8X90, O31.8X91, O31.8X92, O31.8X93, O31.8X94, O31.8X95, O31.8X99, O32.0XX0, O32.0XX1, O32.0XX2, O32.0XX3, O32.0XX4, O32.0XX5, O32.0XX9, O32.1XX0, O32.1XX1, O32.1XX2, O32.1XX3, O32.1XX4, O32.1XX5, O32.1XX9, O32.2XX0, O32.2XX1, O32.2XX2, O32.2XX3, O32.2XX4, O32.2XX5, O32.2XX9, O32.3XX0, O32.3XX1, O32.3XX2, O32.3XX3, O32.3XX4, O32.3XX5, O32.3XX9, O32.4XX0, O32.4XX1, O32.4XX2, O32.4XX3, O32.4XX4, O32.4XX5, O32.4XX9, O32.6XX0, O32.6XX1, O32.6XX2, O32.6XX3, O32.6XX4, O32.6XX5, O32.6XX9, O32.8XX0, O32.8XX1, O32.8XX2, O32.8XX3, O32.8XX4, O32.8XX5, O32.8XX9, O32.9XX0, O32.9XX1, O32.9XX2, O32.9XX3, O32.9XX4, O32.9XX5, O32.9XX9, O33.0, O33.1, O33.2, O33.3XX0, O33.3XX1, O33.3XX2, O33.3XX3, O33.3XX4, O33.3XX5, O33.3XX9, O33.4XX0, O33.4XX1, O33.4XX2, O33.4XX3, O33.4XX4, O33.4XX5, O33.4XX9, O33.5XX0, O33.5XX1, O33.5XX2, O33.5XX3, O33.5XX4, O33.5XX5, O33.5XX9, O33.6XX0, O33.6XX1, O33.6XX2, O33.6XX3, O33.6XX4, O33.6XX5, O33.6XX9, O33.7XX0, O33.7XX1, O33.7XX2, O33.7XX3, O33.7XX4, O33.7XX5, O33.7XX9, O33.8, O33.9, O34.00, O34.01, O34.02, O34.03, O34.10, O34.11, O34.12, O34.13, O34.211, O34.212, O34.219, O34.29, O34.30, O34.31, O34.32, O34.33, O34.40, O34.41, O34.42, O34.43, O34.511, O34.512, O34.513, O34.519, O34.521, O34.522, O34.523, O34.529, O34.531, O34.532, O34.533, O34.539, O34.591, O34.592, O34.593, O34.599, O34.60, O34.61, O34.62, O34.63, O34.70, O34.71, O34.72, O34.73, O34.80, O34.81, O34.82, O34.83, O34.90, O34.91, O34.92, O34.93, O35.00X0, O35.00X1, O35.00X2, O35.00X3, O35.00X4, O35.00X5, O35.00X9, O35.01X0, O35.01X1, O35.01X2, O35.01X3, O35.01X4, O35.01X5, O35.01X9, O35.02X0, O35.02X1, O35.02X2, O35.02X3, O35.02X4, O35.02X5, O35.02X9, O35.03X0, O35.03X1, O35.03X2, O35.03X3, O35.03X4, O35.03X5, O35.03X9, O35.04X0, O35.04X1, O35.04X2, O35.04X3, O35.04X4, O35.04X5, O35.04X9, O35.05X0, O35.05X1, O35.05X2, O35.05X3, O35.05X4, O35.05X5, O35.05X9, O35.06X0, O35.06X1, O35.06X2, O35.06X3, O35.06X4, O35.06X5, O35.06X9, O35.07X0, O35.07X1, O35.07X2, O35.07X3, O35.07X4, O35.07X5, O35.07X9, O35.08X0, O35.08X1, O35.08X2, O35.08X3, O35.08X4, O35.08X5, O35.08X9, O35.09X0, O35.09X1, O35.09X2, O35.09X3, O35.09X4, O35.09X5, O35.09X9, O35.10X0, O35.10X1, O35.10X2, O35.10X3, O35.10X4, O35.10X5, O35.10X9, O35.11X0, O35.11X1, O35.11X2, O35.11X3, O35.11X4, O35.11X5, O35.11X9, O35.12X0, O35.12X1, O35.12X2, O35.12X3, O35.12X4, O35.12X5, O35.12X9, O35.13X0, O35.13X1, O35.13X2, O35.13X3, O35.13X4, O35.13X5, O35.13X9, O35.14X0, O35.14X1, O35.14X2, O35.14X3, O35.14X4, O35.14X5, O35.14X9, O35.15X0, O35.15X1, O35.15X2, O35.15X3, O35.15X4, O35.15X5, O35.15X9, O35.19X0, O35.19X1, O35.19X2, O35.19X3, O35.19X4, O35.19X5, O35.19X9, O35.2XX0, O35.2XX1, O35.2XX2, O35.2XX3, O35.2XX4, O35.2XX5, O35.2XX9, O35.3XX0, O35.3XX1, O35.3XX2, O35.3XX3, O35.3XX4, O35.3XX5, O35.3XX9, O35.4XX0, O35.4XX1, O35.4XX2, O35.4XX3, O35.4XX4, O35.4XX5, O35.4XX9, O35.5XX0, O35.5XX1, O35.5XX2, O35.5XX3, O35.5XX4, O35.5XX5, O35.5XX9, O35.6XX0, O35.6XX1, O35.6XX2, O35.6XX3, O35.6XX4, O35.6XX5, O35.6XX9, O35.7XX0, O35.7XX1, O35.7XX2, O35.7XX3, O35.7XX4, O35.7XX5, O35.7XX9, O35.8XX0, O35.8XX1, O35.8XX2, O35.8XX3, O35.8XX4, O35.8XX5, O35.8XX9, O35.9XX0, O35.9XX1, O35.9XX2, O35.9XX3, O35.9XX4, O35.9XX5, O35.9XX9, O35.AXX0, O35.AXX1, O35.AXX2, O35.AXX3, O35.AXX4, O35.AXX5, O35.AXX9, O35.BXX0, O35.BXX1, O35.BXX2, O35.BXX3, O35.BXX4, O35.BXX5, O35.BXX9, O35.CXX0, O35.CXX1, O35.CXX2, O35.CXX3, O35.CXX4, O35.CXX5, O35.CXX9, O35.DXX0, O35.DXX1, O35.DXX2, O35.DXX3, O35.DXX4, O35.DXX5, O35.DXX9, O35.EXX0, O35.EXX1, O35.EXX2, O35.EXX3, O35.EXX4, O35.EXX5, O35.EXX9, O35.FXX0, O35.FXX1, O35.FXX2, O35.FXX3, O35.FXX4, O35.FXX5, O35.FXX9, O35.GXX0, O35.GXX1, O35.GXX2, O35.GXX3, O35.GXX4, O35.GXX5, O35.GXX9, O35.HXX0, O35.HXX1, O35.HXX2, O35.HXX3, O35.HXX4, O35.HXX5, O35.HXX9, O36.0110, O36.0111, O36.0112, O36.0113, O36.0114, O36.0115, O36.0119, O36.0120, O36.0121, O36.0122, O36.0123, O36.0124, O36.0125, O36.0129, O36.0130, O36.0131, O36.0132, O36.0133, O36.0134, O36.0135, O36.0139, O36.0190, O36.0191, O36.0192, O36.0193, O36.0194, O36.0195, O36.0199, O36.0910, O36.0911, O36.0912, O36.0913, O36.0914, O36.0915, O36.0919, O36.0920, O36.0921, O36.0922, O36.0923, O36.0924, O36.0925, O36.0929, O36.0930, O36.0931, O36.0932, O36.0933, O36.0934, O36.0935, O36.0939, O36.0990, O36.0991, O36.0992, O36.0993, O36.0994, O36.0995, O36.0999, O36.1110, O36.1111, O36.1112, O36.1113, O36.1114, O36.1115, O36.1119, O36.1120, O36.1121, O36.1122, O36.1123, O36.1124, O36.1125, O36.1129, O36.1130, O36.1131, O36.1132, O36.1133, O36.1134, O36.1135, O36.1139, O36.1190, O36.1191, O36.1192, O36.1193, O36.1194, O36.1195, O36.1199, O36.1910, O36.1911, O36.1912, O36.1913, O36.1914, O36.1915, O36.1919, O36.1920, O36.1921, O36.1922, O36.1923, O36.1924, O36.1925, O36.1929, O36.1930, O36.1931, O36.1932, O36.1933, O36.1934, O36.1935, O36.1939, O36.1990, O36.1991, O36.1992, O36.1993, O36.1994, O36.1995, O36.1999, O36.20X0, O36.20X1, O36.20X2, O36.20X3, O36.20X4, O36.20X5, O36.20X9, O36.21X0, O36.21X1, O36.21X2, O36.21X3, O36.21X4, O36.21X5, O36.21X9, O36.22X0, O36.22X1, O36.22X2, O36.22X3, O36.22X4, O36.22X5, O36.22X9, O36.23X0, O36.23X1, O36.23X2, O36.23X3, O36.23X4, O36.23X5, O36.23X9, O36.4XX0, O36.4XX1, O36.4XX2, O36.4XX3, O36.4XX4, O36.4XX5, O36.4XX9, O36.5110, O36.5111, O36.5112, O36.5113, O36.5114, O36.5115, O36.5119, O36.5120, O36.5121, O36.5122, O36.5123, O36.5124, O36.5125, O36.5129, O36.5130, O36.5131, O36.5132, O36.5133, O36.5134, O36.5135, O36.5139, O36.5190, O36.5191, O36.5192, O36.5193, O36.5194, O36.5195, O36.5199, O36.5910, O36.5911, O36.5912, O36.5913, O36.5914, O36.5915, O36.5919, O36.5920, O36.5921, O36.5922, O36.5923, O36.5924, O36.5925, O36.5929, O36.5930, O36.5931, O36.5932, O36.5933, O36.5934, O36.5935, O36.5939, O36.5990, O36.5991, O36.5992, O36.5993, O36.5994, O36.5995, O36.5999, O36.60X0, O36.60X1, O36.60X2, O36.60X3, O36.60X4, O36.60X5, O36.60X9, O36.61X0, O36.61X1, O36.61X2, O36.61X3, O36.61X4, O36.61X5, O36.61X9, O36.62X0, O36.62X1, O36.62X2, O36.62X3, O36.62X4, O36.62X5, O36.62X9, O36.63X0, O36.63X1, O36.63X2, O36.63X3, O36.63X4, O36.63X5, O36.63X9, O36.70X0, O36.70X1, O36.70X2, O36.70X3, O36.70X4, O36.70X5, O36.70X9, O36.71X0, O36.71X1, O36.71X2, O36.71X3, O36.71X4, O36.71X5, O36.71X9, O36.72X0, O36.72X1, O36.72X2, O36.72X3, O36.72X4, O36.72X5, O36.72X9, O36.73X0, O36.73X1, O36.73X2, O36.73X3, O36.73X4, O36.73X5, O36.73X9, O36.8120, O36.8121, O36.8122, O36.8123, O36.8124, O36.8125, O36.8129, O36.8130, O36.8131, O36.8132, O36.8133, O36.8134, O36.8135, O36.8139, O36.8190, O36.8191, O36.8192, O36.8193, O36.8194, O36.8195, O36.8199, O36.8210, O36.8211, O36.8212, O36.8213, O36.8214, O36.8215, O36.8219, O36.8220, O36.8221, O36.8222, O36.8223, O36.8224, O36.8225, O36.8229, O36.8230, O36.8231, O36.8232, O36.8233, O36.8234, O36.8235, O36.8239, O36.8290, O36.8291, O36.8292, O36.8293, O36.8294, O36.8295, O36.8299, O36.8310, O36.8311, O36.8312, O36.8313, O36.8314, O36.8315, O36.8319, O36.8320, O36.8321, O36.8322, O36.8323, O36.8324, O36.8325, O36.8329, O36.8330, O36.8331, O36.8332, O36.8333, O36.8334, O36.8335, O36.8339, O36.8390, O36.8391, O36.8392, O36.8393, O36.8394, O36.8395, O36.8399, O36.8910, O36.8911, O36.8912, O36.8913, O36.8914, O36.8915, O36.8919, O36.8920, O36.8921, O36.8922, O36.8923, O36.8924, O36.8925, O36.8929, O36.8930, O36.8931, O36.8932, O36.8933, O36.8934, O36.8935, O36.8939, O36.8990, O36.8991, O36.8992, O36.8993, O36.8994, O36.8995, O36.8999, O36.90X0, O36.90X1, O36.90X2, O36.90X3, O36.90X4, O36.90X5, O36.90X9, O36.91X0, O36.91X1, O36.91X2, O36.91X3, O36.91X4, O36.91X5, O36.91X9, O36.92X0, O36.92X1, O36.92X2, O36.92X3, O36.92X4, O36.92X5, O36.92X9, O36.93X0, O36.93X1, O36.93X2, O36.93X3, O36.93X4, O36.93X5, O36.93X9, O40.1XX0, O40.1XX1, O40.1XX2, O40.1XX3, O40.1XX4, O40.1XX5, O40.1XX9, O40.2XX0, O40.2XX1, O40.2XX2, O40.2XX3, O40.2XX4, O40.2XX5, O40.2XX9, O40.3XX0, O40.3XX1, O40.3XX2, O40.3XX3, O40.3XX4, O40.3XX5, O40.3XX9, O40.9XX0, O40.9XX1, O40.9XX2, O40.9XX3, O40.9XX4, O40.9XX5, O40.9XX9, O41.00X0, O41.00X1, O41.00X2, O41.00X3, O41.00X4, O41.00X5, O41.00X9, O41.01X0, O41.01X1, O41.01X2, O41.01X3, O41.01X4, O41.01X5, O41.01X9, O41.02X0, O41.02X1, O41.02X2, O41.02X3, O41.02X4, O41.02X5, O41.02X9, O41.03X0, O41.03X1, O41.03X2, O41.03X3, O41.03X4, O41.03X5, O41.03X9, O41.1010, O41.1011, O41.1012, O41.1013, O41.1014, O41.1015, O41.1019, O41.1020, O41.1021, O41.1022, O41.1023, O41.1024, O41.1025, O41.1029, O41.1030, O41.1031, O41.1032, O41.1033, O41.1034, O41.1035, O41.1039, O41.1090, O41.1091, O41.1092, O41.1093, O41.1094, O41.1095, O41.1099, O41.1210, O41.1211, O41.1212, O41.1213, O41.1214, O41.1215, O41.1219, O41.1220, O41.1221, O41.1222, O41.1223, O41.1224, O41.1225, O41.1229, O41.1230, O41.1231, O41.1232, O41.1233, O41.1234, O41.1235, O41.1239, O41.1290, O41.1291, O41.1292, O41.1293, O41.1294, O41.1295, O41.1299, O41.1410, O41.1411, O41.1412, O41.1413, O41.1414, O41.1415, O41.1419, O41.1420, O41.1421, O41.1422, O41.1423, O41.1424, O41.1425, O41.1429, O41.1430, O41.1431, O41.1432, O41.1433, O41.1434, O41.1435, O41.1439, O41.1490, O41.1491, O41.1492, O41.1493, O41.1494, O41.1495, O41.1499, O41.8X10, O41.8X11, O41.8X12, O41.8X13, O41.8X14, O41.8X15, O41.8X19, O41.8X20, O41.8X21, O41.8X22, O41.8X23, O41.8X24, O41.8X25, O41.8X29, O41.8X30, O41.8X31, O41.8X32, O41.8X33, O41.8X34, O41.8X35, O41.8X39, O41.8X90, O41.8X91, O41.8X92, O41.8X93, O41.8X94, O41.8X95, O41.8X99, O41.90X0, O41.90X1, O41.90X2, O41.90X3, O41.90X4, O41.90X5, O41.90X9, O41.91X0, O41.91X1, O41.91X2, O41.91X3, O41.91X4, O41.91X5, O41.91X9, O41.92X0, O41.92X1, O41.92X2, O41.92X3, O41.92X4, O41.92X5, O41.92X9, O41.93X0, O41.93X1, O41.93X2, O41.93X3, O41.93X4, O41.93X5, O41.93X9, O42.00, O42.011, O42.012, O42.013, O42.019, O42.02, O42.10, O42.111, O42.112, O42.113, O42.119, O42.12, O42.90, O42.911, O42.912, O42.913, O42.919, O42.92, O43.011, O43.012, O43.013, O43.019, O43.021, O43.022, O43.023, O43.029, O43.101, O43.102, O43.103, O43.109, O43.111, O43.112, O43.113, O43.119, O43.121, O43.122, O43.123, O43.129, O43.191, O43.192, O43.193, O43.199, O43.211, O43.212, O43.213, O43.219, O43.221, O43.222, O43.223, O43.229, O43.231, O43.232, O43.233, O43.239, O43.811, O43.812, O43.813, O43.819, O43.891, O43.892, O43.893, O43.899, O43.90, O43.91, O43.92, O43.93, O44.00, O44.01, O44.02, O44.03, O44.10, O44.11, O44.12, O44.13, O44.20, O44.21, O44.22, O44.23, O44.30, O44.31, O44.32, O44.33, O44.40, O44.41, O44.42, O44.43, O44.50, O44.51, O44.52, O44.53, O45.001, O45.002, O45.003, O45.009, O45.011, O45.012, O45.013, O45.019, O45.021, O45.022, O45.023, O45.029, O45.091, O45.092, O45.093, O45.099, O45.8X1, O45.8X2, O45.8X3, O45.8X9, O45.90, O45.91, O45.92, O45.93, O46.001, O46.002, O46.003, O46.009, O46.011, O46.012, O46.013, O46.019, O46.021, O46.022, O46.023, O46.029, O46.091, O46.092, O46.093, O46.099, O46.8X1, O46.8X2, O46.8X3, O46.8X9, O46.90, O46.91, O46.92, O46.93, O47.00, O47.02, O47.03, O47.1, O47.9, O48.0, O48.1, O60.00, O60.02, O60.03, O71.00, O71.02, O71.03, O88.011, O88.012, O88.013, O88.019, O88.111, O88.112, O88.113, O88.119, O88.211, O88.212, O88.213, O88.219, O88.311, O88.312, O88.313, O88.319, O88.811, O88.812, O88.813, O88.819, O90.3, O91.011, O91.012, O91.013, O91.019, O91.111, O91.112, O91.113, O91.119, O91.211, O91.212, O91.213, O91.219, O92.011, O92.012, O92.013, O92.019, O92.111, O92.112, O92.113, O92.119, O92.20, O92.29, O98.011, O98.012, O98.013, O98.019, O98.111, O98.112, O98.113, O98.119, O98.211, O98.212, O98.213, O98.219, O98.311, O98.312, O98.313, O98.319, O98.411, O98.412, O98.413, O98.419, O98.511, O98.512, O98.513, O98.519, O98.611, O98.612, O98.613, O98.619, O98.711, O98.712, O98.713, O98.719, O98.811, O98.812, O98.813, O98.819, O98.911, O98.912, O98.913, O98.919, O99.011, O99.012, O99.013, O99.019, O99.111, O99.112, O99.113, O99.119, O99.210, O99.211, O99.212, O99.213, O99.280, O99.281, O99.282, O99.283, O99.310, O99.311, O99.312, O99.313, O99.320, O99.321, O99.322, O99.323, O99.330, O99.331, O99.332, O99.333, O99.340, O99.341, O99.342, O99.343, O99.350, O99.351, O99.352, O99.353, O99.411, O99.412, O99.413, O99.419, O99.511, O99.512, O99.513, O99.519, O99.611, O99.612, O99.613, O99.619, O99.711, O99.712, O99.713, O99.719, O99.810, O99.820, O99.830, O99.840, O99.841, O99.842, O99.843, O9A.111, O9A.112, O9A.113, O9A.119, O9A.211, O9A.212, O9A.213, O9A.219, O9A.311, O9A.312, O9A.313, O9A.319, O9A.411, O9A.412, O9A.413, O9A.419, O9A.511, O9A.512, O9A.513, O9A.519, Z33.1, Z33.3, Z34.00, Z34.01, Z34.02, Z34.03, Z34.80, Z34.81, Z34.82, Z34.83, Z34.90, Z34.91, Z34.92, Z34.93, Z3A.01, Z3A.08, Z3A.09, Z3A.10, Z3A.11, Z3A.12, Z3A.13, Z3A.14, Z3A.15, Z3A.16, Z3A.17, Z3A.18, Z3A.19, Z3A.20, Z3A.21, Z3A.22, Z3A.23, Z3A.24, Z3A.25, Z3A.26, Z3A.27, Z3A.28, Z3A.29, Z3A.30, Z3A.31, Z3A.32, Z3A.33, Z3A.34, Z3A.35, Z3A.36, Z3A.37, Z3A.38, Z3A.39, Z3A.40, Z3A.41, Z3A.42, Z3A.49


Diagnosis of Abdominal Pain (ICD-10-CM): R10.0, R10.10, R10.13, R10.2, R10.30, R10.31, R10.32, R10.33, R10.813, R10.814, R10.815, R10.816, R10.817, R10.819, R10.823, R10.824, R10.825, R10.826, R10.827, R10.829, R10.84, R10.9


Diagnosis of Vaginal Bleeding in Pregnancy (ICD-10-CM):  N93.8, N93.9, O20.0, O20.8, O20.9, O44.30, O44.31, O44.50, O44.51, O45.001, O45.009, O45.011, O45.019, O45.021, O45.029, O45.091, O45.099, O45.8X1, O45.8X9, O45.90, O45.91, O46.001, O46.009, O46.011, O46.019, O46.021, O46.029, O46.091, O46.8X1, O46.8X9, O46.90, O46.91, O46.099


Patient has any emergency department encounter during the performance period with Place of Service Indicator 23: G0035

(The claim form Place of Service field must indicate emergency department)


Patient encounter during the performance period (CPT): 99281, 99282, 99283, 99284, 99285, 99291


Telehealth Modifier (including but not limited to): GQ, GT, 95, POS 02, POS 10



Patients who receive a trans-abdominal or trans-vaginal ultrasound with documentation of pregnancy location in medical record

Numerator Instructions:

This measure is to be submitted each denominator eligible visit a patient meets the requirements as indicated in the denominator. If the clinician documents that the clinical event surrounding the patient, with or without performance of trans- abdominal or trans-vaginal ultrasound, does not meet the intent of the measure, submit quality data code G8807.

Numerator Options:

Performance Met: Performance of trans-abdominal or trans-vaginal ultrasound and pregnancy location documented (G8806)


Denominator Exception: Trans-abdominal or trans-vaginal ultrasound not performed for reasons documented by clinician (e.g., patient has a documented intrauterine pregnancy [IUP]) (G8807)


Performance Not Met: Trans-abdominal or trans-vaginal ultrasound not performed, reason not given (G8808)



Ectopic pregnancy is a relatively common condition which can result in morbidity or mortality if misdiagnosed resulting in a delay to appropriate treatment. Abdominal pain is a frequent presenting complaint of women with ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Pelvic ultrasound can establish a pregnancy as intrauterine and identify high risk features for ectopic pregnancy (pelvic free fluid, complex adnexal mass). Early ultrasound can shorten the time to diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy and can help risk stratify pregnant patients with the complaint of abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding for discharge with routine follow-up, discharge with early follow-up or admission.


Clinical Recommendation Statements

Use of emergency ultrasound in pelvic disorders centers on the detection of intrauterine pregnancy (IUP), detection of ectopic pregnancy, detection of fetal heart rate in all stages of pregnancy, dating of the pregnancy, and detection of significant free fluid. Bedside pelvic ultrasound during the first trimester of pregnancy can be used to exclude ectopic pregnancy by demonstrating an intrauterine pregnancy. Studies of EP-performed ultrasound in this setting have demonstrated sensitivity of 76-90% and specificity of 88-92% for the detection of ectopic pregnancy. In one study, EPs were able to detect an intrauterine pregnancy in 70% of patients with suspected ectopic pregnancy (first trimester pregnancy with abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding). When intrauterine fetal anatomy was visualized at the bedside, ectopic pregnancy was ruled out with a negative predictive value of essentially 100%. When bedside ultrasound evaluation was incorporated into a clinical algorithm for the evaluation of patients with suspected ectopic pregnancy, the incidence of discharged patients returning with ruptured ectopic pregnancy was significantly reduced.

Perform or obtain a pelvic ultrasound for symptomatic pregnant patients with any β-hCG level. (Level B Recommendation) (ACEP, 2016)

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