Primary Care First (PCF) Registry

What you need to know now:

  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Primary Care First (PCF) program is a new alternative payment model designed to support the delivery of advanced primary care. The program began in 2021 and will examine whether financial risk and performance based payments that reward primary care clinicians will lower Medicare costs and improve healthcare quality.
  • Practices selected to participate in the program will begin a 5-year performance period in January 2022. Those applying to participate must identify the Registry (QR/QCDR) Health IT Vendor on the application. If your practice wants to partner with MDinteractive to report the Advance Care Plan measure for the PCF program on your behalf you should include the following information on your PCP Practice Portal:
  • CMS will require annual quality measure tracking and reporting as part of the program. To qualify for a positive performance-based adjustment, practices must meet or exceed average national performance thresholds on a limited set of quality measures that are clinically meaningful for patients. These measures include:
    • A patient experience-of-care survey;
    • Controlling high blood pressure;
    • Diabetes hemoglobin A1c poor control;
    • Colorectal cancer screening; and
    • Advance care planning.
  • Advance Care Plan requires a Qualified Registry or QCDR vendor for reporting since it is not an EHR reportable measure
  • MDinteractive, a qualified registry, can report this Quality measure (Measure 47) to CMS on your behalf.
  • Also MDinteractive is able to generate QRDA III PCF formatted files if your EHR doesn't support the PCF format:
    • We require QRDA I files with 3 eCQMs from each PCF clinician.
    • MDinteractive aggregates the data at the Practice Site level and generates the PCF QRDA IIIs as required by the PCF program
    • MDinteractive can give the prepared QRDA III files to the practice for submission through the QPP portal or MDinteractive can submit the files directly to QPP.

How MDinteractive can help:

  • Assistance with compliance:  MDinteractive can help Primary Care First participants to comply with the data reporting requirements while supporting your ability to make informed decisions on how best to improve quality of care for Medicare patients within your organizations.
  • Flexible data input: MDinteractive can accept various types of quality data files and also provides software “tools” that can be used to build quality reports.
  • Monitoring performance: MDinteractive software allows you to plan, track and optimize your quality data reporting and performance through an interactive dashboard. You will have the ability to monitor your performance at the Practice Site, TIN and clinician level throughout the year and make necessary quality improvements within your organization to maximize your incentive payments.
  • Responsiveness to changes within your organization: MDinteractive has extensive experience aggregating quality data from multiple EHRs before submission to CMS.
  • Hands-on customer support at all stages in the reporting process: At MDinteractive, our seasoned team will help you navigate through the reporting process from beginning to end and offer advice on how to maximize your reimbursement and avoid sharing losses.
  • All inclusive pricing:  $199 per clinician per year

If you are participating in the program, contact us today to discuss how we can help you meet the annual Quality reporting requirements. We offer flexible data collection options to make tracking and reporting this measures a simple process for you and your practice.

IMPORTANT: Please upload final files for the PCF program to the File Storage in your MDinteractive account by Friday, January 21, 2022.  Please include data for the entire calendar year, January - December, 2021, in final files. 

Check out this blog for more on this.


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