MDinteractive is an approved CMS Qualified Registry for 2021.

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Case Studies

  • Large medical group with 200 physicians from multiple specialties; providers moved from one EHR vendor to another vendor during reporting year. Medical group wanted to report PQRS GPRO but both EHRs were unable to generate a combined GPRO PQRS report  
  • The process was complex:
    • MDinteractive extracted data regarding 14 quality measures from  QRDA CAT I files from one EHR and csv files exported from another EHR
    • MDinteractive filtered out Non-Medicare patients out of QRDA CAT I files using Medicare billing file. The original QRDA files didn't separate the Medicare patients from non-Medicare patients as required by the CMS PQRS reporting rules.
    • MDinteractive corrected the format of many of the QRDA XML files that contained many no standard field formats.
    • MDinteractive merged duplicate patient records from csv files and QRDA files and kept the best quality outcomes if indicated by CMS rules    
  • MDinteractive successfully reported the 6 best GPRO quality measures and this medical group avoided the 2018 PQRS payment adjustment.

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