Specialized Registry

  • Reporting to registries is an integral part of improving population and public health. The Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2 regulations added a new public health related menu objective for Eligible Professionals (EPs), the capability to identify and report specific cases to a specialized registry.
  • MDinteractive can be used as a specialized registry by Eligible Professionals (EP), Eligible Hospitals (EH) or Critical Access Hospitals (CAH)
  • $199 per Eligible Professional per year
  • $199 per hospital-bed per year for Eligible Hospitals or Critical Access Hospitals
  • No setup fees
  • All specialties
  • All CMS EHR Quality Measures and all Individual Registry PQRS Measures
  • Different EHR Formats Accepted Including QRDA Category I, Excel or CSV
  • Unlimited Phone, Chat, and and Email Support
  • Provider Friendly, Easy-to-Use Tools and Software
  • Registration is now open for providers planning to attest for 2016 MU2:
  • The following are the steps to register intent to actively engage with our specialized registry (EHR MU Stage 2 - Public Health Measure 3 - Active Engagement Option 1)
    1. Create an account with MDinteractive. Please choose "Specialized registry" on the Submission Type field.
    2. You can register with us by emailing us this Excel file and skip steps 3, 4 and 5.
    3. To enter provider information directly into the account (vs. Excel file),  click on "Patient Records: Create".
    4. Click on the drop down menu "Choose PQRS measure(s):" and change from "Diabetes Measures Group 2015" to "Specialized registry engagement"
    5. Enter all necessary data:
      • Provider Last Name:
      • Provider First Name:
      • Individual NPI: 
      • Patient's Last Name (dummy data):  enter a fake patient name like Doe or Test1
      • Patient's DOB (dummy data):  enter a fake DOB like 23-Nov-2000
      • EHR:  enter EHR name
      • CHPL Product Number:  this ID can be found on your EHR or at http://oncchpl.force.com/ehrcert
      • Meaningful Use Stage 2 Reporting Period:  January 2016 - December 2016
      • EHR measures to submit to specialized registry:  for example CMS122 (DIABETES: HEMOGLOBIN A1C POOR CONTROL) and CMS69 (BODY MASS INDEX SCREENING AND FOLLOW-UP). A provider can submit a minimum of one measure or a maximum of nine measures.
      • Data format: CSV, QRDA Cat I or Excel
      • The EP is now in active engagement to submit data to specialized registry: Completed Registration to Submit Data
    6. Please email support@mdinteractive.com after your registration and we will review your data.
  • After the “Registration of Intent” is successfully done, MDinteractive will email the provider a MU Specialized Registry Report Card.
  • Registered providers will be invited to download patient quality data from the EHR and upload it to MDinteractive.
  • The data will be tested and validated by MDinteractive.
  • After the tests are passed, EHR data will be uploaded at regular intervals into MDinteractive.
  • Providers will be able to login and see online their quality performance dashboard.
  • In January 2017, providers will attest with CMS that they are in active engagement to submit data to a specialized registry:
    Public Health Reporting Objective MeasuresSpecialized Registry Reporting: The EP is in active engagement to submit data to a specialized registry.
  • EHRs or organizations with additional questions regarding how to submit data to MDinteractive Specialized Registry should call 800-634-4731 or email support@mdinteractive.com.

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