Specialized Registry

  • MDinteractive can be used as a specialized registry by Eligible Professionals (EP), Eligible Hospitals (EH) or Critical Access Hospitals (CAH)
  • In 2018, reporting to a Specialized Registry allows EP's to earn bonus points within the Advancing Care Information (ACI) Category.
  • $199 per Eligible Professional per year
  • $199 per hospital-bed per year for Eligible Hospitals or Critical Access Hospitals
  • No setup fees
  • All specialties
  • All CMS EHR Quality Measures and all Individual Registry MIPS Measures
  • Different EHR Formats Accepted Including QRDA Category I, QRDA Category III, Excel or CSV
  • Unlimited Phone, Chat, and and Email Support
  • Provider Friendly, Easy-to-Use Tools and Software
  • Registration is now open for providers planning to attest for 2018. These are the steps to register intent to actively engage with our specialized registry:
    1. Create an account with MDinteractive. Please choose "Specialized registry" on the Submission Type field.
    2. You can register with us by emailing us this Excel file and skip steps 3, 4 and 5.
    3. To enter provider information directly into the account (vs. Excel file),  click on "Patient Records: Create".
    4. Click on the drop down menu "Choose MIPS measure(s):" and choose to "Specialized registry engagement"
    5. Enter all necessary data:
      • Provider Last Name:
      • Provider First Name:
      • Individual NPI: 
      • Individual TIN:
      • EHR:  enter EHR name
      • Reporting Period:  January 2018 - December 2018 or 2018 - 90 days
      • EHR measures to submit to specialized registry:  for example CMS122 (DIABETES: HEMOGLOBIN A1C POOR CONTROL) and CMS69 (BODY MASS INDEX SCREENING AND FOLLOW-UP). A provider can submit a minimum of one measure or a maximum of nine measures.
      • Data format: Excel, CSV, QRDA Cat I or QRDA Cat III
      • Active engagement to submit data to specialized registry: Completed Registration to Submit Data
    6. Please email support@mdinteractive.com after your registration and we will review your data.
  • Registered providers will be invited to download patient quality data from the EHR and upload it to MDinteractive.
  • The data will be tested and validated by MDinteractive.
  • After the tests are passed, EHR data will be uploaded at regular intervals into MDinteractive.
  • Providers will be able to login and see online their quality performance dashboard.
  • In January 2019, providers will attest with CMS that they are in active engagement to submit data to a specialized registry:
  • EHRs or organizations with additional questions regarding how to submit data to MDinteractive Specialized Registry should call 800-634-4731 or email support@mdinteractive.com.

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