MDinteractive is an approved CMS Qualified Registry for 2021.

MDinteractive accepting customers for Primary Care First program.

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Step 1 - Create FREE Account (or login to existing MDinteractive account)


Step 2 - Determine your 2020 reporting plan to achieve at least 45 MIPS points (threshold to avoid 9% penalty in 2022)


  • Small Practices who applied (and were approved) for the PI hardship by 12/31/20: Attest to all required Improvement Activities and report at least 1 eligible case on 6 Quality measures. IMPORTANT: You must also have applied and been approved by 12/31/20 for a hardship exclusion for the Promoting Interoperability category so that the Quality category is reweighted to 70% of your score. The option to report minimally using this strategy works only in small practices (15 or less clinicians).  Note: This strategy will initially yield 43 points.  The addition of points from the Cost category and any additional bonus points (both calculated by CMS after submission) should allow clinicians to achieve at least the 45 point threshold.
  • Report 6 Quality measures on at least 70% of your eligible encounters (all insurances including Medicare) for 12 months.  Depending on your estimated score, you might also have to attest to the required Improvement Activities to reach the point threshold needed to stay neutral.

Step 3 - Enter Data

Log-in to your MDinteractive account and follow steps in the software to report/attest data.

Step 4 - Sign Consent

Individual Reporting - Sign the consent form online or download and fax to MDinteractive at 866-251-4069.

Group Reporting - Sign the consent form online or download and fax to MDinteractive at 866-251-4069.

Step 5 - Submit Payment

Per provider:

$199 - 1 category of MIPS

$299 - 2 categories of MIPS

$349 - 3 categories of MIPS

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