Watch our previously recorded Webinars to learn more about how MDinteractive can help you report successfully:

Reporting the MIPS Promoting Interoperability Category with MDinteractive (9/9/2021):

  • 2021 Promoting Interoperability overview including:
    • What’s new in 2021
    • Re-weighting - Automatic and Hardship
    • 2015 CEHRT
    • Reporting Requirements
    • Objectives and Measures
    • Scoring and Reporting


Reporting the MIPS Improvement Activity Category with MDinteractive (7/21/2021):

  • 2021 Improvement Activities overview including:
    • What’s new in 2021
    • Steps for choosing and attesting to IA
    • Discuss Instructions
    • Look at Practical Example
    • Scoring and Attesting
    • Develop a Plan to Maximize Your MIPS Points and Incentive Payments



MIPS Quality Category In Depth (6/23/2021):

  • 2021 Quality overview including:
    • Choose the Best Quality Measures for Your Practice
    • Develop a Plan to Maximize Your MIPS Points and Incentive Payments
    • Evaluate Registry and EHR Measures
    • Review Practical Example of Creating Quality Reporting Plan


2021 MIPS Reporting (6/16/2021):

  • 2021 overview including:
    • MIPS Refresher 
    • 2021 Changes and Impact
    • Reporting Rules Per MIPS Category
    • How to Report in MDinteractive Software


APM Performance Pathway (APP) : Learn How to Report the APP Measures (5/20/2021):

  • Transition smoothly from CMS Web Interface to APP Reporting:
    • What's the difference between APP and Web Interface reporting?
    • How can MDinteractive ease the reporting and communication burden?
    • What are the steps to get started?


Advance Care Plan Reporting for PCF Program Participants (12/17/20):

  • PCF Reporting with MDinteractive:
    • Registry Criteria for Primary Care First Program
    • MDinteractive Overview
    • Expectations of Measure 47 
    • Software Overview 
    • Questions and Answers

2020 Webinars:


MIPS Quality Category in Depth (11/19/20):

  • Everything you need to know about the Quality category of MIPS including:
    • Choosing applicable Quality measures
    • Determining patient eligibility
    • Understanding reporting thresholds
    • Collecting Quality data
    • Scoring/benchmarking
    • Preview of 2021 requirements
    • Question and Answer Session


2020 MIPS Reporting with MDinteractive (10/22/20):

  • MIPS "Basics" including:
    • Overview of MIPS 2020 Reporting Rules
    • Minimal Reporting to Avoid Penalty
    • Maximum Reporting to Achieve Incentive
    • MDinteractive Software Demonstration
    • Question and Answer Session

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