MIPS Measures Relevant to Colon and Rectal Surgery

  1. Quality - 45% of total score:  Report 6 measures, including one Outcome or high priority measure for 12 months. To earn 1 or 3 points on a measure report at least one eligible case. To earn more than 3 points on a measure report at least 60 percent of eligible cases.  Suggestions for your specialty include but are not limited to the following:
  2. PI: Promoting Interoperability - 25% of total score: For a minimum of 90 days, report all required measures. EHR technology certified to the 2015 Edition certification must be in place by October 3, 2019. There are exclusions available for most of the 11 measures that are reported. Please check your QPP Participation Status to see if you are exempt from PI. If you are exempt, the 25% will be re-weighted to the Quality performance category.
  3. IA: Improvement Activities - 15% of total score:  Attest that you completed up to 2 high-weighted activities or 4 medium-weighted activities for a minimum of 90 days. Groups with 15 or fewer participants or if you are in a rural or health professional shortage area,  attest that you completed 1 high-weighted or 2 medium-weighted activities for a minimum of 90 days.  There are over 90 possible measures to choose from. The following are suggestions only:

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