Providers registered (or planning) to report through GPRO can use MDinteractive as a registry for 2016 PQRS.  GPRO is available for groups of 2 or more providers that bill with the same tax identification number.

GPRO registration is accessible through the PV-PQRS Registration System at https://portal.cms.gov. You will need to a valid EIDM User ID and password to choose your group’s reporting mechanism. The registration system is open until June 30 for the 2016 PQRS program.  No changes are allowed after this deadline.

GPRO cannot report using Measures Groups.

Additional information about the 2016 GPRO registration is available on the CMS website.

Participating as a Group Practice

Group practices participating as a  GPRO that satisfactorily report data on PQRS measures during the 2016 reporting period (January 1- December 31) will avoid the -2% 2018 PQRS penalty and the 2-4% VBM penalty.

CAHPS for PQRS Option with Registry Reporting

CAHPS for PQRS is required for PQRS group practices of 100 or more EPs, but is optional for groups of 2-99 EPs. PQRS group practices participating in CAHPS for PQRS may choose a qualified registry, in conjunction with reporting the CAHPS for PQRS survey measures, the group practice must have all CAHPS for PQRS survey measures reported on its behalf via a CMS-Certified Survey Vendor, and report at least 6 additional measures, outside of CAHPS for PQRS, covering at least 2 of the domains using the qualified registry.  

If any EP in the group practice sees at least 1 Medicare patient in a face-to-face encounter, the group practice must report on at least 1 crosscutting measure. CAHPS will count as the cross-cutting measure if required.

Value Modifier

In 2016, PQRS participation by groups of 2-9 EPs will result in a negative, neutral or upward 2018 Value Modifier payment adjustment. Groups of physicians with 2-9 EPs that don't report PQRS during 2016 will get a -2% Value Modifier payment adjustment in 2018.  This is in addition to the -2% PQRS penalty.

Participation by groups of 10+ EPs can result in negative, neutral, or upward 2018 Value Modifier payment adjustments. Groups of physicians with 10 or more EPs that don't report PQRS during 2016 will get a -4% Value Modifier payment adjustment in 2018.  This is in addition to the -2% PQRS penalty.

If a group does not register to participate through the GPRO and chooses to report as individuals, at least 50% of the EPs within the group must report measures in order to avoid the 2018 VM downward adjustment.  Providers (EP's) reporting as individuals DO NOT have to register with CMS. 

Next GPRO steps with MDinteractive

  1. Please forward to support@mdinteractive.com your GPRO confirmation email from CMS
  2. Please sign this PQRS GPRO Consent Form and send it to MDinteractive

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For additional information on how to register in the PV- PQRS Registration System, please visit the Self Nomination/Registration page on the Physician Feedback/Value Modifier website. 

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