MIPS for Billing Professionals

More and more, clinicians rely on their medical billing professionals for other administrative services, like reporting data to Medicare for MIPS and Medicare’s other quality programs. Billing companies want to help but it’s hard to keep up with the complicated and ever-changing rules

MDinteractive can help. We make it easy for billing professionals to help their customers report data for Medicare’s quality programs with our flexible data collection options and our low cost and responsive service.

How Can MDinteractive Help?

Quality Reporting

Reporting the Quality category of MIPS can be the most labor intensive of the MIPS reporting categories, especially if clinicians do not have a plan to track their data.  Billing files can make it easy for customers to report the Quality category of MIPS.  Claims data already includes most of what is needed for reporting MIPS and with a little planning, can contain all of the data necessary. 

MDinteractive offers customers several options to use billing data to report the Quality category of  MIPS reporting including 837 claims files, billing templates and customized approaches as needed to make reporting efficient.

Customers periodically upload files to their secure MDinteractive account and have the ability to routinely monitor performance and adjust discrepancies throughout the year to optimize MIPS performance and subsequent reimbursement.  

Improvement Activities and Promoting Interoperability

MDinteractive offers one-stop shopping for customers who prefer to have one place to report all of their MIPS categories.  Attesting to Improvement Activities and Promoting Interoperability is easy from an MDinteractive account and offers the additional benefit of seeing estimated MIPS points and subsequent reimbursement, prior to data submission.


The MIPS Cost category is assessed by CMS using claims submitted and does not require additional reporting.  However, within MDinteractive accounts, customers can see historic points assigned to this category thereby having a useful point of reference for MIPS reporting.

If you are a billing professional tasked with MIPS reporting on behalf of your customers and need help, contact MDinteractive today!  

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