MIPS Measures and Activities

Quality Measures

Report 6 measures, including one outcome or high priority measure for 12 months. To earn 1 or 3 points on a measure report at least one eligible case. To earn more than 3 points on a measure report at least 60% of eligible cases in 2019 and at least 70% in 2020.
Maximum points = 45


Promoting Interoperability

For a minimum of 90 days, report all required measures and additional bonus measures to reach full earning potential for this category.
Maximum points = 25


Improvement Activities

For a minimum of 90 days, attest that you have completed 2 high weighted OR 4 medium weighted activities (For small and rural practices: 1 high weighted OR 2 medium weighted activities).
Maximum points = 15



CMS uses Medicare claims data to calculate cost measure performance which means clinicians do not have to submit any data for this performance category
Maximum points = 15

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