2018 MIPS Advancing Care Information Measures (now called Promoting Interoperability)

What is Promoting Interoperability?: This performance category promotes patient engagement and electronic exchange of information using certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT). In 2018 CMS re-named the advancing care information (ACI) performance category to promoting interoperability (PI) to focus on interoperability, improving flexibility, relieving burden.

All Promoting Interoperability measures can be easily reported with MDinteractive:

  1. Determine which set of measures to report based on the edition of your EHR (see more information below)
  2. Log into your account and click on the Add/Edit link next to the ACI/PI category. Note: If you do not see this on your homepage, please begin by entering or loading your NPI/TIN combination or just TIN if reporting as a group.
  3. Enter your minimum 90 day reporting period (required).
  4. Complete the pre-attestation questions by choosing "yes" for each. 
  5. Enter the Numerator and Denominator, derived from reports run off of our EHR, for each measure into MDinteractive.

Note that in order to receive any credit for this category, all base measures (including answering "yes" to the Security and Risk Analysis) must be reported (or the exclusion taken if available):


In 2018, there are two measure set options for reporting. The option you use to submit your data is based on your electronic health record edition.

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