#263: Preoperative Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

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The percent of patients undergoing breast cancer operations who obtained the diagnosis of breast cancer preoperatively by a minimally invasive biopsy method



This measure is to be submitted each time a patient aged 18 and older undergoes a breast cancer operation. This measure may be submitted by eligible clinicians who perform the quality actions described in the measure based on the services provided and the measure-specific denominator coding.

Measure Submission:

The listed denominator criteria is used to identify the intended patient population. The numerator options included in this specification are used to submit the quality actions allowed by the measure. The quality-data codes listed do not need to be submitted for registry submissions; however, these codes may be submitted for those registries that utilize claims data.



The number of patients aged 18 years and older on date of encounter undergoing breast cancer operations

Denominator Criteria (Eligible Cases):

Patients aged 18 and older on date of encounter


Diagnosis for Female/Male Breast Cancer (ICD-10-CM): C50.011, C50.012, C50.019, C50.021, C50.022, C50.029, C50.111, C50.112, C50.119, C50.121, C50.122, C50.129, C50.211, C50.212, C50.219, C50.221, C50.222, C50.229, C50.311, C50.312, C50.319, C50.321, C50.322, C50.329, C50.411, C50.412, C50.419, C50.421, C50.422, C50.429, C50.511, C50.512, C50.519, C50.521, C50.522, C50.529, C50.611, C50.612, C50.619, C50.621, C50.622, C50.629, C50.811, C50.812, C50.819, C50.821, C50.822, C50.829, C50.911, C50.912, C50.919, C50.921, C50.922, C50.929, C79.81, D05.11, D05.12


Patient encounter during the performance period (CPT): 19301, 19302, 19303, 19307



Minimally Invasive Biopsy Method attempted but not diagnostic of Breast Cancer (e.g., High Risk Lesion of Breast such as atypical ductal hyperplasia, lobular neoplasia, atypical lobular hyperplasia, lobular carcinoma in situ, atypical columnar hyperplasia, flat epithelial atypia, radial scar, complex sclerosing lesion, papillary lesion, or any lesion with spindle cells): G8946



The number of patients aged 18 and older undergoing breast cancer operations who had breast cancer diagnosed preoperatively by a minimally invasive biopsy


Minimally invasive biopsy methods – Includes fine needle aspiration, percutaneous core needle biopsy, percutaneous automated vacuum assisted rotating biopsy device, skin biopsy, skin shave or punch biopsy

Numerator Options:

Performance Met: Clinician diagnosed breast cancer preoperatively by a minimally invasive biopsy method (G8875)


Denominator Exception: Documentation of reason(s) for not performing minimally invasive biopsy to diagnose breast cancer preoperatively (e.g., lesion too close to skin, implant, chest wall, etc., lesion could not be adequately visualized for needle biopsy, patient condition prevents needle biopsy [weight, breast thickness, etc.], duct excision without imaging abnormality, prophylactic mastectomy, reduction mammoplasty, excisional biopsy performed by another physician) (G8876)


Performance Not Met: Clinician did not attempt to achieve the diagnosis of breast cancer preoperatively by a minimally invasive biopsy method, reason not given (G8877)

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