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MIPS Improvement Activities

All Improvement Activities (IA) can be easily attested to with MDinteractive.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on Add/Edit next to the IA category. This will direct you to the IA reporting module.  Note that you might have to enter your NPI/TIN combination or just TIN (if reporting as a group) to be able to see the categories and Add/Edit. 
  3. Enter your minimum 90 day reporting period 
  4. Click “Add” to each activity that you performed for at least 90 consecutive days:

Note:  There are frequency restrictions associated with the following Improvement Activities:  IA_PSPA_4,  IA_PSPA_22, IA_PSPA_23,  and IA_PSPA_24.  Please review documentation/rules for these activities prior to attesting to them in 2020.


Each activity is weighted either medium or high.

To achieve the maximum 40 points for the Improvement Activity score:

A clinician (that works in a group with 15 or fewer providers billing with the same TIN) may select either of these combinations:

  • 1 high-weighted activity OR
  • 2 medium-weighted activities

Clincians working on larger groups will need to attest to more activities to receive full credit for this category:

  • 2 high-weighted activities OR
  • 1 high-weighted activity and 2 medium-weighted activities OR
  • 4 medium-weighted activities


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